Clean up your body and keep your appetite in control

This plan is about more than just weight loss, although it will definitely help with that. There’s a reason we call them healthy foods. The right foods strengthen your body from the inside out. They improve your immune system, power your body’s repair systems that protect you against heart disease and cancer, and get your chemistry working for you instead of against you.

Here’s why this meal plan is so different and doable:

  • 10 days of filling, real-world food.
  • Meals are designed to contain a healthy blend of fats, fiber and protein to keep you feeling full and satified as you improve your health.
  • Easy to prepare so you can see how simple and delicious cooking your own meals at home can be.
  • Meals for you and your family! Sit down to eat - at a table, with partners, family, friends. Enjoy your food!

About 1400 calories a day to promote weight loss. Each meal is roughly 400 - 500 calories. Meals are interchangeable; mix and match as you get more comfortable with the plan.

We’’ve done all the adding, subtracting, dividing, thinking and planning for you. Just follow the meal plan and you’ll succeed!

About Melanie Douglass: Melanie is a Registered Dietitian, AFAA certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She is a successful author, DVD instructor, international trainer, proponent of no-nonsense meal plans, and the creator of countless workouts promoted and shared worldwide.

Includes FREE Support

Along with the PDF, you get free email access to Melanie and resident lolo Trainer Chris Kluge. They will be there to answer any questions you may have to keep you on track and moving in the right direction.

Fall Clean Up Meal Plan
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