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Sometimes bodyweight doesn’t cut it

We design our apps to give you the best workout even when you have no equipment available, but to get the most out of your upper body workouts, sometimes a few basic items are needed. To really hit your back, shoulders, and biceps, all you need is a few pairs of dumbbells and an elastic tube to maximize your results. The Heavy Equipment Pack includes an extra heavy elastic tube and a pair of 10 and 30 pound dumbbells. Use the 30 pound weights to push yourself on big movements like chest press and shoulder press and then use the light dumbbells to hit those fine tuning movements like shoulder raises and bicep curls. You could also work your upper body from every angle with just one elastic tube. Plus it’s a great piece of equipment to take on the road. Balance out your results and get the most out of your lolo training programs in Easy Arms, Easy Legs, Killer Butt, Seven Minute Workout, and Boot Camp Challenge.

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Product details

  • Extra Heavy Elastic Tubing
  • Pair of 10 LBS. Vinyl Dumbbells
  • Pair of 30 LBS. Vinyl Dumbbells
  • Dumbbell heads are permanently affixed to a solid steel shaft under 30 tons of high-pressure, improving the strength of the head/handle joint.
  • Knurled chrome handles are ergonomically contoured to fit the users’ palm.
  • Hex weights use virgin rubber so there is little to no odor. Recycled rubber can have a faint “used tire” smell.
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lolo Heavy Pack
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