The Top Workout Songs of 2015 (includes a matching workout)

Ready to leave 2015 in the past and do awesome new things in 2016? We’re with you! However, we think one thing you should take with you is the best songs of the year! And yes, they should be packaged up nicely in a nostalgic, high-energy mix. This album works perfectly with all our beat-sync apps because the energy is spot-on for lolo workouts. Try it with your next lolo 7-minute workout.

If you’re in the mood to do something new, simple, and self-driven (to great music), try the workout below! It pairs a simple fitness move with each song. All you have to do is survive doing each move for the entire song… start to finish. You in? Give it a shot! (You’ll start to wish pop songs were shorter, haha ;)

The Best of 2015 Workout Songs + Moves

Do each move for the entire song!

  1. Fight song: JOG/MARCH (just warm up) / Just step to the beat, enjoy the music and get warmed up! The next few songs are much harder.

  2. Uptown Funk: BURPEES / This song makes burpees FUN. The funky, loose beat helps you do your burpees in a controlled manner. Allow 2 counts per movement. Drop down (2 beats), plank with or without elbows bent (2 beats), jump in (2 beats), jump up HIGH (2 beats)

  3. Can’t Feel My Face: REVERSE LUNGES / Start with feet shoulder-width apart, toes forward. Step back into a reverse lunge, pushing weight through the front heel and keeping the front knee behind the toes. Alternate lunges to the beat.

  4. Shut Up and Dance: MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS / Get in a plank position on your hands. Alternate running your knees inward driving them toward your chest. Stick to the beat! Rest for a few seconds when you need, but keep trying for the entire song!

  5. Cheerleader: TRICEPS DIPS / Find a chair or the couch. Get in a dip position. Count 4 counts down and 4 counts up. These are slow and groovy dips.

  6. Honey, I’m Good: JUMPING JACKS / Just start your jacks and keep them going the entire song. Stop for a few seconds if you need rest, then start again.

  7. Lean On: PUSH-UPS / Pick your favorite push-up variation and do it for the entire song.

  8. Sugar: BICYCLE CRUNCHES / Lie down on your back, tuck your knees in toward your chest, lift your shoulder blades off the floor and keep your elbows out wide. Start a quick bicycle - to the beat - pushing your opposite shoulder toward the knee (not the elbow, lift your shoulders)

  9. 679: 2-COUNT SQUATS / This one is gonna hurt. Take it nice and slow, do a squat (with toes forward, push weight through your heels) and count 2 counts down and 2 counts up. Squeeze your glutes and your abs in when you push/stand up.

  10. GDFR: CARDIO BOXING / Just throw your best punches… to the beat… for the entire song. You can jab, hook, uppercut and boxer shuffle your way through this.

  11. Outside: HIGH-KNEE JOGGING / Stand up tall and start by lifting your knees up, alternating side to side. Keep your shoulders up, posture tall and abs in tight. Now run your knees and lift them HIGH, up to 90 degrees, every single rep.

  12. Locked Away: SCISSOR JUMPS / Stand in split stance with your right foot in front and left foot behind. Jump up and switch leads. Land with split squat (deep bent knees) for added intensity. Change your tempo with as the song changes. It picks up tempo on the chorus.

  13. Stitches: SIDE PLANK / Lie down on your side and push up to a side plank by balancing on your elbow and bottom foot. Hold each side for 30 seconds. Keep rotating - 30 seconds per side - the entire song.

  14. Hello: REVERSE CRUNCHES / Lie down on your back and put your feet straight up toward the ceiling. Use your abs to lift your hips up off the floor (like you are stamping the ceiling with your feet). Keep the movement controlled and your abdominal muscles engaged all the way up and all the way down.

  15. See You Again: STRETCH IT OUT / Do your favorite stretches. Relax. Take lots of deep breaths…. and enjoy :)

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